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allmer: There are about four Silicon Valleys. The one that actually builds silicon layer infrastructure, new chips, networking, storage. That still exists. Most of it is still in Silicon Valley. And Intel is one. Two, is consumer innovation, which is moving to San Francisco. Enterprise stuff is here, little dormant right now. Pendulum swings back a little bit to enterprise side. We bought Yammer. We have s of people working for us here, the city, Mountain View, Palo Alto. Teams here working with VCs and startup companies. The fourth one is big companies. Intel, Cisco, HP. Guys we compete with are here. Almost a fourth Silicon Valley. Q: Any particular tech trends you think are interesting Ballmer: There are all pretty interesting. This happens to be a place where people come to start companies. There is UI innovation on devices. UI and form factor will evolve. Second, machine learning, rather than big data. People will write programs differently than they did previously. Input, guesses, revisions, new guesses. Lot of innovation there. Cloud and new application innovat
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f operating officer at the pharmaceutical company had determined that previous financial returns for the were acceptable and that no change was needed. The method of his thinking led relentlessly to the same endpoint. Evidence was irrelevant. Other viewpoints were useless. It was a foregone conclusion. It wouldnt make any difference whether this kind of manager had machines or people working for him. Everything is determined in advance. What we are fighting for in the twentyfirst century, says Christian, is the continued existence of conclusions not already foregone—the continued relevance of judgment and discovery and figuring out, and the ability to continue to exercise them. Is your boss no more than a bundle of attributes Does your boss have an idiosyncratic point of view or is he or she just a bundles of attributes Christian notes the way a robotic person engages in speed dating. Hi, Im Miranda Hobbes. Dwight Owens private wealth at Morgan Stanley investment management for highnetworth individuals and a couple pension plans my job been there five years divorced no
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w I offered Steve Wynn half the Cotai Strip,says Adelson, repeating an assertion he first made to FORBES in . He said to me, Thats the stupidest idea Ive heard of in my life–almost verbatim.For a while, though, he was also right. The ,room Venetian Macao, its multicolored neon roofline glimmering over the island the spacecraft in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, loaded Sands up with debt, and it appeared in mid to be ahead of its time. The Vegas touches–a store luxury shopping mall, shows, restaurants and the kind of convention space that brought Adelson to gambling in the first place–werent immediately embraced the locals. Said one Macao tour planner: Sheldon is working to recreate the Las Vegas experience here, but this is not yet recognized as a place to do business.Meanwhile, his other monstrous Cotai hotel, the Plaza Casino, stood unfinished, a monument to Adelsons corporate heart attack. But once Adelson overcame his debt crisis, and the world markets stabilized, these two hotels turned into the mother lode: Macao now generates % of its Ebidta
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ly justified, you have to be concerned about the prospect of a dismal, debtburdened fiscal future. More debt weighs heavily on GDP, says Carmen Reinhart, a University of Maryland economist. The coauthor, with Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff, of This Time Its Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly Princeton, , Reinhart has found that a % ratio of government debt to GDP is a tipping point in economic growth. Beyond that, developed economies have growth rates two percentage points lower, on average, than economies that have not yet crossed the line. The danger point is lower in emerging markets. Its not a linear process, she says. You increase it over and beyond a high threshold, and boom! The U.S. governmentdebttoGDP ratio is %. The U.S. has been through this scenario before. Its especially ugly because we get hit inflation, too. In the years immediately after World War II inflation surged past %, while economic growth flagged and the governmentdebttoGDP level exceeded %, note Reinhart and Rogoff. Americans worked that ratio down over the next halfcentury. Now the
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gy world had ever heard of when it came out. … It makes sense to me that neonics, as persistent and systemic as they are, could very well hurt bees and other pollinators at sublethal levels, but the science just isnt convincing yet, to me anyway, and as Jon points out, there are places where they use neonics where the bees are doing fine though I have gotten some feedback from people about the Australian situation — they claim beekeepers there are losing bees but simply arent reporting it, and that most beekeepers there are in the bush, not located near farm crops that could be treated with neonics. Nordhaus skepticism is matched Randy Oliver, who runs the popular scientificbeekeeping website, also manages a colony migratory operation in California—which is ground zero for the anti neonics movement. He writes regularly for the American Bee Journal and other publications, and believes, most bee experts and smaller beekeepers, that there has been a rush to judgment in solely targeting neonics. Scientific Beekeepings Randy Oliver weighs in Oliver has posted a comprehens
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