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tag, but other analysts say Florida's Gov. Jeb Bush must move forward quickly. If Florida Republicans are viewed as stalling, they may be accused of attempting to prolong what some in the minority community view as an attempt to disenfranchise a segment of the state electorate.The same analysis could apply to President George W. Bush on a national scale.On the political side, says Mr. Richie, members of the Bush administration won't be able to put Florida behind them until they help states address the problems that came out in the Florida election.(c) Copyright 2001. The Christian Science MonitorThe truth, I think, is that most of us who live out here are just as puzzled as you, but perhaps not as surprised. We are both relatively large (148,000 square miles), relatively small (800,000 people, give or take a couple hundred FBI agents wandering around our forests of late), and relatively isolated (a long day's drive, often two, to the nearest cities of consequence: Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, or Minneapolis)
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